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Welcome to size? Community Lives Here.

Welcome to size? Community Lives Here.

Why Canada?

Every Canadian head knows the feeling of waking up heavy-eyed on drop-day, only to turn those hopeful eyes tearful, minutes after the release. Or the struggle of ever-changing release dates, as we watch our US and UK neighbours get the early.

Sneakers aside, the streetwear and fashion forward folk face a similar plight here in Canada. On the rare occasion that we cop a drop, we’re hit with the dreaded shipping and customs fees we’ve come to expect.

Strength in Numbers

Canadians have been patient and resilient for long enough. Individually, we’re strong, but together as a community, we’re going to build something truly remarkable. size? Canada is dedicated to providing a platform where the Canadian streetwear and sneaker culture can flourish in all directions; uninhibited by added fees, hurdles and charges. We’re here to empower the under-serviced members of our family with every chance we get.

The Perks

In joining our family, not only will we provide you with access to all the most hype drops of the decade, but we’ll also create them – and you’ll be the first to know! size?exclusives have a long history of shaking up the scene, and the same will be true for size? Canada’s exclusive collabs, drops and events.

Heat for the Whole Family

Speaking of family; size? is also committed to bringing fully accessible size runs to the Canadian market. This means that when you get a new pair of sneakers — or a new 'fit — you can grab matching sets for the whole fam. Kids’, Infants', Women’s and Men’s sizes will be in abundant supply every season. And with free shipping on orders over $50, adding extra pieces to your cart will be an easy choice.

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