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size?six: A TO THE BED

size?six: A TO THE BED



Ahead of the size? Toronto launch, we’re catching up with some of The Six’s most coveted culture catalysts. Our size?six series, asks six quick Qs to get to know the people behind the handles; their backgrounds, their inspirations and their visions for the future. These are the go-to heads for the latest in sneakers, fashion, food and art; the four things we couldn’t live without!

This week, size?six is lucky to set its sights on a local inspiration, A TO THE BED. The newly announced Director of Women's at SoleSavy takes time out of her hectic schedule, to tell us about her connection to the city we all know and love. A TO THE BED's story is one we can all look up to, as she's formed a symbiotic relationship with the local culture, catapulting her career into new heights.

size?: Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you do.

A TO THE BED: I am a long-time lover of sneakers. I’ve been growing my collection since the early 2000s and have spend close to a decade working within sneaker media. I have worked with Nike, Jordan, Complex Bleacher Report, Shopify, and more, wearing a range of hats along the way: writer, strategist, stylist, producer, host, influencer and more. I was recently hired as the Director of Women’s at SoleSavy, a membership-based online community that provides resources to purchase sneakers at retail. We recently launched back in April and our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space for women to buy, enjoy, and learn about sneakers.

size?: What’s your main passion outside of sneaker culture?

A TO THE BED: I don’t know that I have passions. I love sleeping and I really like running — it brings me peace and my sneaker obsession carries over into that really seamlessly. If I’m not working, I’m definitely doing one of the two. I don’t really watch TV.

size?: What’s a key project that you're focusing on for the year ahead?

A TO THE BED: Super excited about what we’re doing with SoleSavy for the women’s community. My personal mission is to amplify women, BIPOC women especially, and show them the possibilities beyond buying sneakers and hopefully foster a new generation of sneaker industry leaders for the future.

I also have a personal project launching this month -- my own beauty product! It’s a lash serum called Extra Goodie and I co-founded it with a good friend. It’s FDA approved, Health Canada approved, clean, cruelty-free and just hits all of the good things I like in beauty products. I designed all the branding and packaging myself, and directed the editorial campaigns that I’ll be sharing soon.

size?: Were there any interesting stories about how you became connected with certain people, chance encounters that led onto bigger things in the future?

A TO THE BED: I’ve been on twitter since 2009, and back then it was so new and so easy to meet people. I met a lot of our favourite sneaker people today that long ago and they’re all my friends and peers today. In fact, that’s how I landed a freelance writing opportunity at Complex back in 2013, which led to working with Finish Line to develop their women’s content in 2014, both of which ultimately kickstarted my career in sneakers and prepared me for the role I’m in now.

size?: What do you love about Toronto, and what’s your favourite spot in The Six?

A TO THE BED: I love so much about Toronto, especially summer. I could live anywhere in the world and I’m pretty sure my heart would still ache for summer in the city -- there’s nowhere like it. My favourite spot? That’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with my gym and my happy place, Myodetox Performance. I also really like Stackt Market, it’s a cool outdoor concept and I just enjoy hanging out there all year round. My real favourite place is home.

size?: Finally, what’s your favourite sneaker and why?

A TO THE BED: I have never consistently answered this question, although in my defense it does rotate between the same few: the Air Jordan 4 “White Cement” because it’s tied to one of my favourite movies, Do the Right Thing and came out the year I was born (1989), the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” because it’s a classic, and the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” because that is my favourite movie and just represents my childhood.


Check out @sizeofficialca for the next edition of the size?six series.

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