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size?six: Tristan Banning

size?six: Tristan Banning


Ahead of the launch of size? Toronto, we’re catching up with some of The Six’s most coveted street talents. These are the go-to heads for sneakers, fashion, food and culture; the four things we couldn’t live without! Our size?six series, asks six quickfire questions to get to know the subjects, their backgrounds, inspirations and their vision for the future.

Tristan Banning.

This week, we’re hitting up @tristanbanning. Sidewalk Hustle founder, avid photographer, coffee connoisseur and mid-season jacket enthusiast. Follow along as storyteller, creative creator, and wordsmith Tristan Banning delves into his favourite sneakers, passion’s outside of footwear, and how his love for good coffee is carrying on his entrepreneurial spirit.

size?: Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you do.

Tristan: I’m Tristan Banning. Founder of Sidewalk Hustle a lifestyle culture website based out of Toronto. I’m a serial entrepreneur, photographer, coffee and sneaker lover.

size?: What’s your main passion outside of the sneaker culture?

Tristan: Oops, I guess I answered that question above. But aside from sneakers my passion is music (listening to and watching) and I love to travel. Ever since I was in grade 6 and went on an exchange program with my school to the South of France, I’ve been hit with wanderlust. It also taught me at a young age to think beyond my world. It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring to put yourself into unknown situations. You tend to learn a lot about yourself and others.

size?: What’s a key project that you're focusing on for the year ahead?

Tristan: As an avid coffee lover and traveler, we are about to launch a coffee brand. So make sure you check out Carry-On Coffee Club. After that, I'm looking forward to traveling again. I miss Japan and had a trip planned last year so I would like to pick that up and get back on the road.

size?: Do you have any stories about how you became connected with certain people or chance encounters that led onto bigger things in the future?

Tristan: Well I’ve found that just being around the scene, or whatever you want to call it, will inevitably introduce you to people with similar interests and from that the community expands. I’ve met a lot of people in passing at events, parties, trips, where you end up chatting, find out some stuff, stay in contact and eventually you find you’ve made new friends.

size?: What do you love about Toronto, and what’s your favourite spot in The Six?

Tristan: I was born and raised in Toronto and I’ve watched it grow and change around me, with me. So it’s home. The way I talk, the way I walk, everything is Toronto. It's ingrained in me. My favourite spot? Well Queen St W has always had the vibe, the culture, the shops. It’s where I live, eat, drink, etc. In the summer you can catch me in Trinity Bellwood Park.

size?: Finally, what’s your favourite sneaker and why?

Tristan: My favourite sneaker of all time, the one that made me hunt sneakers, was the Nike Air Max 1 atmos Elephant. I eventually got that sneaker and it satisfied my need. BUT I have a custom 1/1 Bespoke Nike Air Max 1 made at NikeLab 21M NYC. They are based on my love of the safari print and that original atmos elephant colourway. But I also love the Dunk Low or the Jordan 1 low, because I like to show off my ankles.

So, that wraps up ep1.0 of size?six. To learn more about Tristan, be sure to follow @tristanbanning and @sidewalkhustle.

Check out @sizeofficialca for the next addition of the size?six series.

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