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size?six: Meredydd Hardie

size?six: Meredydd Hardie


Ahead of the launch of size? Toronto, we’re catching up with some of The Six’s most coveted street talents. These are the go-to heads for sneakers, fashion, food and culture; the four things we couldn’t live without! Our size?six series, asks six quickfire questions to get to know the subjects, their backgrounds, inspirations and their vision for the future.

Meredydd Hardie.


This week, we switch focus to @hardie_girl. Toronto born and raised, Meredydd shines a light on her passion for both sneakers and women's basketball, as well as what makes the city of Toronto such a special place for her.

size?: Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you do.

Meredydd: My name is Meredydd (pronounced Meredith) and I've lived in the Toronto area my whole life. I live downtown with my wife, who also loves sneakers, and I work in advertising.

size?: What’s your main passion outside of sneaker culture?

Meredydd: Anyone who follows me on IG knows what my main passion is because I post about it all the time! I love women's basketball at every level from NCAA to the WNBA. This is a great time to become a fan - the games are finally viewable in Canada, the sport is growing and the product is amazing.

@hardie_girl Best choice to start my favourite month! #airmaxmonth

size?: What’s a key project that you're focusing on for the year ahead?

Meredydd: My focus for this year is to finally produce more video content, telling stories about sneakers I care about. Friends have been encouraging me for a while and I got a ring light to look better on work Zoom meetings so I guess there is no better time.

size?: How has the sneaker community helped you to connect with other people, whether that's fans or fellow sneakerheads?

Meredydd: Being involved in the sneaker community, especially the community in Toronto, has brought me more joy than any shoes possibly could. I've met the best people and had some amazing experiences with them. I love how everyone supports each other and promotes each other and genuinely likes each other. I've attended weddings, bought house warming gifts and baby gifts and celebrated with people I only know through sneakers.

@hardie_girl Jumping for joy

size?: What do you love about Toronto, and what’s your favourite spot in The Six?

Meredydd: Toronto is special. I hear all the time from American sneaker friends that there isn't a real sense of community and that they wish they could have some of what Toronto has. I've met the best people through sneakers here - everyone is fun, supportive, creative and encouraging.

size?: Finally, what’s your favourite sneaker and why?

Meredydd: It took me a long time before I had a good answer to this question but I finally do. My favourite sneaker is the Nike Air Max 1 atmos Elephant. I love everything about it from the elephant print to the jade swoosh - I love it so much I have two pairs and the Federers in the same colourway!

So, that wraps up ep2.0 of size?six. To learn more about Meredydd, be sure to follow @hardie_girl.

Check out @sizeofficialca for the next addition of the size?six series.

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