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size?collections – Jonathan Ennis

size?collections – Jonathan Ennis

Name: Jonathan Ennis
City: Toronto
Favourite Sneaker Brand: Nike SB
Shoe Size: 9.5
Years Collecting: 10
Oldest pair in your collection: 2005

Rarest pair you own: Aloha dunks, I remember walking into truest sneaker shop in Oahu and seeing a pair on the shelf. I know I needed to own these one day. Luckily I came across a decent deal and hall to pull the trigger.
Favourite Pair you own and why: Strangelove SB Dunks, from the materials, the colours, the insole and everything about the shoe speaks volumes to me. Everytime I wear it I get many compliments and I haven’t seen many of them in the wild.
What pair do you wish you had, or are still on the hunt for? Still on the hunt for a few pairs: Pro Bowl dunks, Travis Scott dunks, and AirMax 1 the6. Still can’t seem to find a 9.5 in the AirMax anywhere.

Hawaii holds a special place in my heart so I do my best to hunt for Hawaii themed sneakers. Nothing is better than lacing up a brand new pair of sneakers. I do my best to lace them up and put thems traight to foot once I get a new pair.

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