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size?Collections: Alan Hinayo

size?Collections: Alan Hinayo

Name: Alan Hinayo 
City: Winnipeg 
Favourite Sneaker Brand: Nike/Jumpman
Shoe Size: 11.5
Years Collecting: First Pair was in 1991 Jordan 6 Infrared but I started collecting in ’95. It was around this time I focused on how a shoe felt and looked while playing basketball in high-school.
Oldest pair in your collection: The 91’ Jordan 6 Infrared, 1994 Jordan 2 Chicagos and 1995 OG Penny Air Ups

Rarest pair you own: Nike Air Force 1 Insideout “Philippines”

Favourite pair you own and why: Off-White UNC Jordan 1’s. So this is probably one of the best stories I’ve experienced in a while collecting as a sneakerhead. It was winter and some of my friends and I were taking some crew photos. Weather wasn’t perfect it was snowing and kinda slushy outside. I brought 2 pairs of shoes to change in, one being a pair of Nike SB MF Dooms. We took a couple pics at True North Square and needed to call it a day. We decided to check out a shop on Main. Just a quick visit, Lonnie (the store manager at the time) was working and I noticed he was wearing his Jordan Off-White UNC 1’s… well just for the sake of asking I was wondering what size he was, he said they were an 11. I asked if he’d sell em’. He looks over the counter sees me wearing the MF Dooms, he asks, “are you down to trade?” I thought he was messing with me. “No seriously straight trade.” Now I’m ecstatic…. and then one of the guys working yelled out “DO IT!!” And everyone in the store started to chant, “Do it! Do it! Do it!” I immediately take off my Dooms and show him how clean they are (only worn 3-4x max). Lonnie hands me a pair of shoes to wear out. Done deal.

I can’t make this up I don’t think anything more wholesome in the community can happen between true collectors. Lonnie really deserved those MF Dooms more than me, he’s probably a bigger fan being a DJ. And he knew how hard I worked to try to get those Jordan Off-White UNC 1’s. But at the end of the day it was a trade that was never organized and never expected by both of us. But I’d do it again any day no hesitation that’s how the culture should be not two ppl trying to get a “better deal” or “who’s winning” we both won. I say this was better then getting them retail ‘cause this experience was epic!

Rarest memorabilia you own: Vintage Chicago Bulls (Away) Michael Jordan Rookie Sand Knit Jersey or Friends and Family Nike SB x Supreme Varsity Jacket.

Favourite memorabilia: Everything I own.. everything has a story, an event, a memory. Something like a jacket that was a gift from my mom, she hates how baggy it is but I kept it until I became a man. Even a hat my brother used to own but was stolen from him when we were kids, and here I am as an adult saying "sorry I couldn't fight those guys when we were kids," and I have money now and returning it to him. It could be a pair of shoes my dad hunts down just so my brother and I could have the same pair. I don't just collect shoes. I wear my past during the present and hope to hand it down to the future. But I will always collect shoes.

What pair do you wish you had, or are still on the hunt for?: Jordan 5 Supreme Desert Camo.

A pair you regret buying and why: I can’t say there’s anything in my collection I regret buying but I have been ripped off or finessed with some eBay purchases. Wish I never hit that “Buy It Now” option. Actually back in the day I bought Jordan XIV’s in the UNC colourway –– purchased them, brought them home, tried to do the running and jumping test in my living room them shits hurt. I literally took them off put them in the box and returned them same day. But NGL I actually want them now for my UNC collection.

Any last thoughts?: S/O to all the real ones who've gone out of their way to help me find pieces or purchases. From lining up to sourcing or even just keeping me company on my journey. Thank you for looking out.

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