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Canada, meet Gramicci

Canada, meet Gramicci

A Brief History

It’s rare for a brand of any kind to be intrinsically linked to a culture in an authentic way. Climbing gear OGs Gramicci are one of the few to have achieved this, and have maintained their connection to climbing for nearly four decades. Founded by Mike Graham in 1982, Gramicci is a climbing and outdoor adventure apparel brand that’s made by climbers, for climbers, and those who wish to explore.

Graham is one of the legendary Stonemasters climbers who lived in and climbed Yosemite National Park in the 1970s — birthing a lifestyle that placed ascending the most challenging and picturesque walls above all else. Like many of that era’s movements, the moment couldn’t last forever. By the end of the decade, the community and culture the Stonemasters had inadvertently created was no longer their secret, and the 18-year-olds that had arrived years before were getting older and moving on with their lives.

By 1982, Graham was running a distribution company outside of Los Angeles that was supplying America with some of the finest climbing footwear available. He recognized that there was a lack of climbing apparel with the same utilitarian appeal as the white painter’s pants the Stonemasters had lived in, and Gramicci was born.

Go with the Original

Their first product was the G Pant, now known as the Gramicci Pant. The G Pant had the same loose fit and roomy design as painter’s pants, but with some key design additions that have stood the test of time. A diamond gusset was added at the crotch, allowing the freedom of movement needed when contorting your body thousands of feet above the ground, and an integrated belt could be adjusted on the fly with just one hand.

Gramicci became the go-to attire for climbers in no time, and was adopted by the streets not long after. In the decades that followed, the brand with the Running-Man logo grew in both the climbing and streetwear scenes, expanding their outdoor offerings and collaborating with multiple global streetwear fashion brands.


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Today, Gramicci offers a full range of clothing that blurs the lines between lifestyle and climbing gear, without sacrificing any of the performance or utilitarian appeal that’s at their core. So, whether you’re preparing for a weekend getaway, or perfecting a Friday night fit, Gramicci is a must-have no matter the plan.


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