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size? Launches Nike’s New Jumbo Swoosh Blazers ft. Mike Roc

size? Launches Nike’s New Jumbo Swoosh Blazers ft. Mike Roc

When it comes to timeless staples and heritage sportswear reinvented, Nike never misses. It’s practically effortless for them at this point, and the proof of the matter has never been more apparent than with their new Jumbo Swoosh Blazer collection. We’re talking Blazer ’77 silhouettes pulled straight out of the archives, reworked, and pushed to the limit with jumbo, larger-than-life elements throughout. Jumbo laces, jumbo Swooshes, extra-thick stitching, oversized woven labels, exposed foam tongues, and a new herringbone outsole all come together to deliver a brand new, big and bold aesthetic. Shoes like this have never been done before — let alone seen before — and that’s why size? is excited to launch Nike’s latest Jumbo Blazer models today.

It's important to note that the old school look and feel of the Blazer rarely gets overhauled like this. So, when Nike decided to update their iconic model, they did it in style. And don’t get us wrong, bigger doesn’t always mean better, but Nike really tried perfecting their design with exaggerated Swoosh overlays, accentuated stitching, and a raised sole unit. As a result, we naturally had to test them out — and who better to put these shoes through their paces other than Toronto’s very own, Mike Roc?

As one of Toronto’s many creatives, Mike has become a household name throughout the city, and he has a tight grasp on local happenings. Between DJing at some of the hottest venues, launching his own clothing brand (Boracay World), and being an avid photographer, Mike is always hustling and making moves — so we knew he’d be the right choice to take us out and show us some of Toronto’s hidden gems.

With a reputation that precedes him everywhere he goes, we asked Mike what’s good in Toronto, and in response, he took us to some of his favourite hot spots around town. From Apt 200 to Ruru Baked, Major Treat Coffee, and more, he graciously showed us a few notable locales for a good time.

Shoutout to all the locations involved check them out when you have a chance.

Apt 200 – 1034 Queen St W

Whether you’re from the city or not, it’s safe to say everyone knows about Apt 200. And if you don’t, you’re in for a nice surprise. With a wide-range of DJs performing here weekly, Apt 200 offers a chill vibe, live music, and creative cocktails. Authenticity reigns supreme inside, too, so anything goes — you might find yourself listening to grunge one minute and soca the next. Just make sure you watch your kicks as things can get bumping real quick.

Seoul Shakers – 1241 Bloor St W

Home to a spectacular Korean-fusion menu, Seoul Shakers is a vibrant, neon-fueled one-stop shop for food and drink. Located up on Bloor Street, you’ll find an amazing selection of shareables inside. From their Roast Kimchi Chop Cheese, Eggplant Kanpugi on Rice, Hwe Dup Bap, and more — Seoul Shakers is a perfect place to casually chill, eat, and drink all night long, so you’ll never want to leave.

Major Treat Coffee – 1158 Queen St W

Sharing a beautiful space with Town Barber on Queen West, Major Treat Coffee is.. well, a major treat. Whether you’re stopping by for your morning cup of joe, waiting for your next haircut, or simply chilling with friends, Major Treat Coffee is worth a visit. Their friendly staff, quality service, and selection of drinks are unrivalled and sure to impress every time you stop by.

Ruru Baked – 659 Landsdowne Ave

Stop everything you’re doing and head over to Ruru Baked right now. This local gem specializes in making premium custard-based ice creams that are to die for — and unlike the Jumbo Blazers, that’s no exaggeration. In the past, Ruru Baked’s ice creams sold out on a weekly pre-order, but now pastry chef Luanne Ronquillo’s beloved shop has found a permanent home on Landsdowne Ave. So long past are the days of stressing over your next fix — Ruru Baked’s delectable menu is fully stocked with the likes of Honey Comb Cereal Milk, Matcha & Shortbread, Yuzu Raspberry, Condensed Milk + Red Bean, and many more.

Pepper’s Food & Drink – 189 Wallace Ave

Known for their heritage-inspired, Asian-Canadian comfort food, Pepper’s Food & Drink is run by the same team behind Seoul Shakers. Inside, you’ll that the restaurant resembles a diner, a grocery store and a convenience store at the same time, filled to the brim with a variety of snacks and an irresistible menu for takeout or dine-in. From their Fried Chicken Box and Chili Dog Plate Lunch to their Yummy Burgers and Steamed/Crispy Buns, it’s hard not to devour everything in sight — and we applaud anyone who can eat the spaghetti without spilling.


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